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We are the leading manufacturers with a great state-of-the art capability to manufacture the best quality of industrial knives and blades which are quite suitable to meet the specific requirements of today’s developing manufacturing industries and exporting to about 60 countries worldwide.

Our aim is to provide industrial knives and blades specifically for any of your application that demands high level of accuracy. The industrial knives and blades manufactured by us have a wide range of applications. With our technical expertise, we are the leading suppliers for various manufacturing needs. We restrict to our commitments and are bound to deliver hassle free customer service. Because of our ability to design industrial knives and blades for specific needs we have grown along with our customers and would like to continue the same further.

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We provide the right technical and human support for all your requirements.  We have the expertise, skills, technology and machinery to manufacture a wide variety of industrial knives and blades. Our industrial knives and blades are the best, which offer high level of quality, durability and are a good value for money. We have earned the respect and loyalty of our valued customers. We have a reputation to deliver quality products and to provide each customer optimized solutions for their wide range of applications. Our experience in technology, rapid customer service and thorough quality system has helped us achieve a specific position in the market place.

An Introduction to – Knives and Blades

There is a lot to understand about knives and blades and this article will give you a good idea into the topic. A blade is that portion of a tool, weapon, or machine with an edge which is intended to stab, chop, thrust, cut and/or puncture, slash, slice or scrape surfaces or materials. A blade can be made of things like a flaking stone, such as flint, ceramic, metal (usually steel) or other material.

The idea behind it is when used for food preparation; the foremost needs are slicing and chopping with some piercing. During combat, a blade can be used to slash, puncture or stab, thrown. The function is to cut a muscle, nerve, or tendon fibbers, or blood vessel to stop or kill the opponent. Severing a chief blood vessel directs to give way owing to shock quite speedily. For instance shrapnel wounds via fragments’ blade-like action. Blades may be needed to scrape, moving the blade sideways across a shell, as in an ink eraser, other than along or through a surface. They are also used to cut and dissect things.

sheeter knives slitting cutters

slitting cutters

sheeter knives slitter knives

slitter industrial knives

slitter knives
slitter industrial knives
slitting cutters
slitting cutters

sheeter knives

The capacity of a blade to cut takes place from the application of the force applied to the blade onto a very diminutive area, ensuing in a high force on the matter to be penetrated.

Grinding of Slitting Knives

Re-grinding of Slitting knives is a very specialized process and extra care should be taken as improper grinding can cause change in:

  •  Microstructure of knives
  • Strength of cutting edge

The above could lead to inferior quality of slitting along with a reduced life of the knives.

For slitting knives, the re-grinding should be done on a cylindrical grinding machine and the Outer diameter of all the knives should be ground at the same time.

Grinding wheel of a coarser particle size will invariable be softer and have a more open structure in order to be self dressing. This is ideal for the re-grinding of the outer diameter of the knives.




Care should be taken while synchronizing the below to obtain the proper surface finish of between 7-10 rms:

  •  Feed rate (depth of cut)
  • Grinding wheel speed
  • Slitting cutter rotation

If the above parameters are not set correctly it may result in:

  • Burn marks on the blades
  • Size variation between knives
  • Increase in number of re-grindings required

Metal slitting knives Manufacturers – Atlasknives

Metal slitting knives are provided with extra-sharp edges of which are usually rotary blades. The designs and specification of Metal slitting knives varies on its use for cutting various metals which can be ferrous and non ferrous metals. Designing can be done for custom metal slitting knives for the metals which are to be slitter at the client’s production unit.

Various types of Metal slitting knives are manufactured which are widely used in industries are some of the metal slitting knives are

  1. Guillotine Shear Blades for Hot and Cold Working
  2. Hot Crop and Scrap Shear Blades
  3. Billet and Bloom Shear Blades
  4. Flying Shear Blades
  5. Bar Shear Blades

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