Grinding of Slitting Knives

Re-grinding of Slitting knives is a very specialized process and extra care should be taken as improper grinding can cause change in:

  •  Microstructure of knives
  • Strength of cutting edge

The above could lead to inferior quality of slitting along with a reduced life of the knives.

For slitting knives, the re-grinding should be done on a cylindrical grinding machine and the Outer diameter of all the knives should be ground at the same time.

Grinding wheel of a coarser particle size will invariable be softer and have a more open structure in order to be self dressing. This is ideal for the re-grinding of the outer diameter of the knives.




Care should be taken while synchronizing the below to obtain the proper surface finish of between 7-10 rms:

  •  Feed rate (depth of cut)
  • Grinding wheel speed
  • Slitting cutter rotation

If the above parameters are not set correctly it may result in:

  • Burn marks on the blades
  • Size variation between knives
  • Increase in number of re-grindings required

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